2005 Chrysler Pacifica annoying rattle

My old Chrysler Pacifica has an annoying rattle, seemingly coming from the front end, whenever I drive on rough roads. Been trying to identify it for over 2 years. Changed the sway bar links, thinking that was it. Still rattles. Next idea is lower control arms but that’s a pricey fix. Anyone else ever had this problem and fixed it?

I had that on an 04 Pacifica. Was the sway bar links.

Have you looked at the exhaust system?

Maybe struts. If it is suspension, a shop can find it in short order.

Thanks. I had the struts replaced. No change. But that set of struts wore out in less than 2 years and need to be replaced again.

I have. Had a lower catalytic converter replaced and checked out the exhaust system then.

If it’s a deep muffled thunky sound I’d suspect sway bar bushings.