Front end prob

I have a grand am with a warped Front/Driver rotor. All wheels need rotors and pads anyway…

What is happening is this:

At first I thought it was a CV joint, but the guy said it didn’t sound like that. When I start to drive in the morning (cold tempurature outside) every tire revolution I sounds like a clunking - in that F/Driver side. Then after it is warmed up… it pretty much goes way… but I can still hear clucking on less than smooth roads. The weird thing is though, I can really feel it, just hear it. And it’s pretty much not there when it’s warm out or the car warms up.

It has gotten worse as the winter has gone on, but not much.

Thoughts on what this could be?

My guess is it will go away after the new rotors and brakes. If you have a good shop working on it, they may notice any other possible problems.

If it is a rotor problem, you should also be feeling a shimmy and/or your steering wheel vibrate kinda bad when coming to a stop from high speeds (ie off the freeway)…