2004 Chrysler Pacifica loud Clunk noise

I have a 2004 Pacifica that makes a loud clunk only under heavy accelleration or heavy braking. The dealer told me that it was the big H support that holds the engine in and that it was cracked around the rear motor mount. I really didn’t believe that from the feel of it so I loosened the motor mount and jacked up the engine high enough to look at and feel the whole area around where the mount attaches to the undercarriage.

Any idea what it might be. I can’t seem to imitate the noise while stading still by powerbraking in forward or reverse.

Any Ideas??

Try a second opinion and see if it the same conclusion.

I live in a small town with only one dealer. I have heard or read that motormounts are common problems with these but don’t know the extent of the noise they make.