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Lincoln navigator 2006 stuck key and liftgate not working

Brief as possible. Key stuck in ignition. Will come out when battery disconnected. Lift gate stopped working at same time. Believe that car does not sense it is in park. Acts like if the car is in neutral or in gear, in that if you turn the car off in neutral or in gear, the key wont come out of the ignition and the liftgate wont open either. The shifter is not stuck, rear hatch window opens and the car drives normally. Not sure if it is a switch or a sensor. Please point in right direction. Thanks.

Older trucks with a shifter on the console used cables to connect the shifter to the transmission. By 2006 the cables might have been replaced by an all electrical set up. Cables can break or go out of adjustment. Switches and sensors can simply fail due to age and use. You might be able to access the shifter head by removing some plastic pieces of the surrounding console.

I think I’d head for a Lincoln dealer, or a transmission shop. This doesn’t look like an easy DIY project to me. Taking apart the console might mean removing seats and these plastic parts fit together like a puzzle. A dealer might be able to diagnose the problem without having to tear into the interior.

THe lift gate solenoid and key are both tied to the park switch on the shifter.