2006 Chevrolet Lumina - Glove box issue

Compartment not open, using push button and key

Which compartment? Which pushbutton?

Dear George,

My apology for not pointing out the subject, I mean the Glove box there is a push button for the trunk to open. Even when I push the button, my trunk is not opening and I am also using my car key button, but the trunk is not opening.

thank you for your kind understanding regarding this matter.

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Just a guess. The solenoid that unlocks the trunk has failed.
Had that happen on a door lock, failed solenoid prevented key from unlocking the door, door could be opened from inside the car.
In your case, a body shop might be a better option than a mechanic shop.
But check fuse first!

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Good day!

I thank you for your kind assistance regarding this matter. Please see attached file for your reference of Chev Lumina 2006 Fuse & Relays box, is there any fuse box inside the car?

Thank you very much. Best Regards

I do not think the lumina was built in the US in 2006, so it is hard to tell you exactly where the fuse panel inside the car is.
Places to check are under the dash, when you open the driver’s door or passenger door look for a plastic panel on the side of the dash. it would be behind the panel. also, sometimes there is a plastic panel on the left side and below the steering wheel.

Your owner’s manual should show you where all the fuses are located, and which ones are for which circuits. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, for example you bought the car used, you can probably get a complimentary pdf copy at Chevy’s (or GM’s) website. In most modern vehicles the two common fuse locations are under the hood, and behind a panel near the driver’s left knee.

As far as what’s causing the trunk not to open, besides the good ideas above, you could have a problematic body control module. That’s a single-purpose computer circuit board that is involved with this sort of function. You can find out more about what sort of problems it causes by reports here by using the forum search feature, upper right this page.