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2006 Chevrolet HHR oil light keeps coming on

2006 H3 oil light keeps coming on at idle after its worked a bit. just changed cam sensor and its on a test drive, any other ideas?

Have your oil pressure checked AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with a real mechanical gauge. I can’t stress that enough. Check your oil level immediately but based on your description of events, the level is probably OK.

A red light on displayed on the dash is a very bad thing, that is why it is red. Every time you see that light there is inadequate oil pressure to keep your engine alive, or the switch is faulty. A faulty switch means the engine is OK. Low oil pressure means your engine is destroying itself every time that light comes on. Do you feel lucky?

Don’t start it again until you know the reason and have fixed the cause, this may mean towing it. 1) Check for oil level (either high or low) 2) Remove the sensor and check with an ohm meter and pressure source (can use a bicycle pump and some plumbing fittings and a gauge). If they are good you have low oil flow - even if it seems to run okay for a while damage starts immediately and snowballs.

Is this a car you know, one you’re considering, etc? Is this problem new, has it been working up to it, or don’t you know? If a sudden occurrence, is there any way recent repairs or service could have contributed? From it’s age it may be worn out.

From your description it sounds like there may be just sufficient pressure to keep the gauge off until the oil warms, thins, and leaks faster from somewhere: maybe worn main bearings, maybe a weak spring in the overpressure bypass valve, etc. Another potential explanation is excessive oil level which results in foaming and pump starvation.

If you don’t hear any unusual noises coming from the engine when the oil light is on, the oil pressure switch might be faulty.,2006,hhr,2.2l+l4,1432001,electrical-switch+&+relay,oil+pressure+sender+/+switch,4588


Noise could be an indicator of poor lubrication but lack of noise isn’t a reliable diagnostic - substantial damage can occur before you hear anything (main or bearing scuffing, spun bearings, scuffed cylinder walls, etc.). I know several people who lost engines this way and never heard noise - the first indications for both were low power followed by stalling at idle.

I’ve replaced more oil pressure switches for this problem than engines.