Oil light, 2004 pacifica

The oil light is coming on at idle, but goes off when i just rev the engine slightly. I suspect that it might be a bad sending unit, but I am would like some other ideas, as i try to free up time to get the car to the mechanic. The car has more than 200K miles on it and is seeming still running OK. Actually, the issue seems to be correlated to a recent oil change.

Thank you in advance. Note that i am not trying to take away my mechanic’s business. He has just bought his second boat with what i have spent with him, but i just want to think about what the problem could be.

The sending unit is usually inexpensive and easy to replace - right near the oil filter in many cases. I would just replace it to eliminate that most-likely cause.

The oil pressure switch/sensor is typically cheap and easy to replace . . .

However . . . in my experience a faulty oil pressure switch/sensor usually results in the oil pressure gauge being permanently pegged either high or low

It sounds as if you’re not doing any of this work yourself

That being the case, take it to your regular mechanic and explain the situation

let him diagnose and repair it properly

Might just be a bad sending unit

Might be something worse

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