Oil Pressure light


I have an 2003 Dodge Intrepid with 76.000 miles. The oil pressure light comes on when idling, it really more flickers, it goes off as soon as you give it gas. Is this going to be a problem?


If you don’t correct the problem it will. The light is telling you that at idle your oil pressure is bordering on too low. Your bearings, still subject at idle to pressure, friction, and heat, still need a pressurized oil barrier to protect them.

Possible reasons are a bad pressure sensor, a low idle speed, or a worn out engine. Worn out oil pumps are really extremely rare because of the way they’re made and they get the best of lubrication. The engine is too new to be worn out unless it was neglected or abused.

There is also a possibility that the engine is gummed up and the oil is not properly draining back to the oil pan, which is the reservoir from which the pump draws oil. Do you have any other symptoms?

You need to get this looked at.


All I can add is this only seems to happen after the car warms up and is driven for 20 miles or so.


I suggest you have a mechanic check the ACTUAL oil pressure. A calibrated gauge is used for this. It’s likely that your oil pressure sensor is failing, and the true pressure is OK, but you CANNOT count on it without a pressure test.

Do it ASAP. An engine will too little pressure will destroy itself in no time. The oil pressure warning light is not something to ignore.


Have you checked your oil lately? You may be a quart or two low. If you are, you need to top it off and start regularly checking your oil to determine the rate of consumption.


Most late model FI engines no oil pressure will tell computer to turn off fuel supply stopping damage.Could be a bearing on it’s way out?