Need advice on buying 1987 Nissan Pickup

i’d been looking for a small pickup for about 2 months; didn’t want to pay more than $3500. i don’t know if it’s just the area i live (southern new mexico) but it’s been slim pickings.

finally found a 1987 Nissan pickup that i’m considering; it’s being sold by a private party he has owned it since 1989 it drives great has 4WD (not that I need that)V6 fuel injected (sorry I don’t remember the engine size). engine’s got 150,000 miles on it.

does anyone know of issues with these vehicles, anything that starts to go on the Nissans around this mileage or anything else i should be aware of?

As far as an 87 Nissan pick up is concerned, in my opinion, problems specific to that or any brand is secondary to the care and repair it was given and the driving habits of the previous owner(s). I think a newer Ford Ranger 2wd for example, could be had with a better chance of survival regardless of were it a Toyota, Ford, GMC etc. that you were asking about…it’s an 87 on it’s second motor at least and too old to generalize.

“Engine’s got 150,000 miles on it.” What’s the mileage on the truck?

I hope you’re not paying $3,500 for this vehicle. It’s 22 years old, for Pete’s sake.

You must be desperate.

yeah, i am desperate, alright? i don’t know if you live in southern new mexico, Mr. Top 20 Contributor, but the prices are inflated here. in two months i ain’t seen any pickup truck where the person didn’t want at least $1,000 over KBB – and wouldn’t come down! the first few i said ‘see ya’ thinking they were crazy. now i got to get out of town and get back to maine.
sorry i wasn’t clear the truck’s NOT on it’s second engine mileage on truck is mileage on engine and i’m NOT buying it cause the guy already got someone else to give him 3800. there. thanks for the advice. and dagosa, sincere thanks to you your post actually was helpful unlike the other guy.

I don’t know if you really can find one but my 2004 F-150 2wd 5.2L 77,000 KBB at $4100,4400, I sure would rather have it than a 87 Datsun. The bottom has fallen out of pickups don’t buy junk,you don’t have to. and no I would not sell it for that,more like $5700,but its not for sale. I reside in Tucson.