2006 Cadillac STS - Stuck in Park

2006 Cadillac STS four door, 6 cylinder, keyless entry will not start. Transmission gear is stuck in Park and will not move. Now the battery is dead because the dashboard lights go on and would not go out. I had it towed to my home driveway.

If you have to ask you should have had it towed to a shop instead of home.


The dead battery is likely the reason the engine won’t start, and the reason the shift lever wouldn’t come out of park.

What have you done so far? Replace the battery? Used the mechanical transmission release? Replaced your fob battery?

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If lever still won’t come out of P once battery is charged and known-good, problem could be with the brake safety interlock. Designed to not let you shift out of P unless brakes are applied first. One easy test: Do the rear brake lights turn on when you press the brake pedal?

Charge the battery and report back with what symptoms still remain.

And you have a V8, not a V6 if the car is an STS. No STS has a V6.

Edit: My mistake, there was a V6 offered in the STS. Thanks @Cavell

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2005 and newer had v6 option. Just like srx.
Seville name is not used. They just call it sts.


how could the transmission being stuck in park cause it to not start, when the vehicle needs to be in park to start?

how would dead key fob battery cause a no start? Is this a thing with keyless/push button ign switches?