Won't start

I have replaced the battery, and start relay. Sometimes it starts like a new car. Other times nothing. All the lights and radio work, no sound from engine when you turn the key.


Put it in neutral and try again

If that doesn’t work . . .

Use a voltmeter to check if the starter is getting voltage when you put the key in start position

If you are are seeing the appropriate voltage at the starter at the appropriate time, the starter is bad

What kind of car is this?

2001 Cadillac STS

Thank you


Thank you

Where is the starter located?

Hopefully NOT under the intake manifold?

I can’t see it. So probably under the manifold.

I was wondering about the security system. Sometimes I lock it and unlock it and it cranks. But not always.


When it won’t start . . . is the antitheft lamp on or flashing?

Does the key have a little black piece with a metal strip in it? If it does the resistor in the key could have changed value and is causing it not to start.

I believe it is flashing.

And I don’t see a black strip on the key, going to buy a battery for remote. What have I got to loose.


Good luck

BTW . . . I believe you may have a problem with the passlock sensor

Only a GM or an enhanced aftermarket scan tool will retrieve body control module codes your car

Thank you!

Thanks everyone!
So far so good, I replaced the battery in the keyless entry! Praying it continues to crank.