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Shifting out of Park , 1995 cadillac eldorado

In the morning, I’m having problems shifting out of Park into Drive. After the car has run for awhile, the problem goes away, but the next day, same issue. Ideas?

explain a bit more:

Is the gear selector lever physically hard to move?
-Do the brake lights work?
-Does it have a push button on the gear selector lever that you have to push in to move it?

Does the gear selector lever move just fine, but the vehicle truck just does not want to move?

The shift interlock solenoid might be sticking.


Unless you’re parked on a hill when this happens, my first suspects are

  • the gadget that forces you to step on the brakes before you can shift out of P, as posted above. I had a problem with that gadget one time on a rental car that almost stranded me in a remote part of the southern calif desert … yikes …

  • the shift linkage between the lever and where it meets up with the transmission may need a little adjustment.

Shouldn’t be much of a problem for a good shop to get to the bottom of it. Best of luck.

+1 to @Tester’s recommendation. I had a lazy solenoid on my’95 Caddy.