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My Buick

I have a 2003 Buick. When I make a left (and only a left) turn it feels like I have no power steering or like the car has stalled, but it hasn’t. I’ve check the power steering fluid but it isn’t that. What could cause this?

The problem might be with the spool valve in the rack and pinion assembly.

The spool valve is what directs the hydraulic pressure in the rack and pinion depending which way the steering wheel is turned to provide power assisted steering. If the seals on the spool valve have failed where hydraulic pressure bypasses the seals during a left turn, there will be no power assisted steering during a left turn.


Thank you so much! No one could figure out what it was.

Tester is probably right, but I’d also recommend that you get the car looked at in a more thorough manner by a good chassis shop. A bad ball joint or even tie rod end binding up in one direction could cause this symptom also.