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Power steering

My car steering wheel is hard to turn now and i don’t know why it’s doing this.

What year is your car and how many miles does it have on it?

Have you checked the fluid in the power steering reservoir?
Have you checked the fan belt that drives the power steering pump to see if it’s still there? On some engines the PS pump is on a seperate belt.

Bottom line: this needs to be looked at hands-on. I recommend that you do so ASAP. Failure to be able to properly respond to an unexpected obstacle like a child could cause a life. Besides, there is a possibility that it isn’t the power steering system failing but a ball joint or articulated joint (like a tie rod end) binding up badly, and if so you want to find out immedately.

it’s a 94 and it was doing just fine i backed out of my lot and when I went to turn the car the steering wheel was really hard to turn so I parked it and that’s where it’s been sitting it is a Buick roadmaster I haven’t really done anything with it i am just trying to figure out where to start and if anyone knows an estimate please let me know

mountainbike just told you where to start. Open the hood. Check the power steering fluid level. Check that all of your belt are there and intact. If this was a sudden loss it was probably the loss of the belt.

Estimate ? We Can’t Possibly Know What’s Wrong. Are There Any Extra Lights Lit Up On The Instrument Panel, Like “Check Engine” Or “Check Gauges” Like You’d Get If The Serpentine Belt Went Belly-Up ?