2006 BMW 750 - Can I change the type of shocks?

Can you switch out the air ride rear shocks for regular shocks or gas shocks? vin# WBAHN83536DT59352

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I really don’t see why you couldn’t.

BMW engineers designed & tested car’s suspension system so the handles safely; if design is changed by replacing a part with something other than original, car may never have been tested it in that configuration, so could be unsafe. May be ok, but suggest for safety-sake to check with BMW specialist first.

Replacing the air ride shocks with standard shocks has been done many times , all it takes is a competent shop .

That BMW is at an auction, current bid is $2500.

While you can probably do it, I couldn’t find a conversion for that particular model. You might try asking on a couple of the BMW forums. The coil over kits I found specifically exclude cars with the active ride system.




Good looking car imo. BMW designers do a good job on car styling.