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2011 Hyundai Equus - Shock switch

I need to replace my rear air shocks and I am considering a replacement from strut masters. The replacement from strut masters are standard shocks but much cheaper than air. I would like a professional opinion before I switch to standard shocks.

I’m not a professional but I have replaced air shocks. The thing is air shocks level the rear end. If you put standard shocks in, likely the rear end will drag. You can put replacement air shocks in with a manual system to add air in them if the compressor and sensor is not working but you need to determine before going to standard shocks if the height will not be changed.

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Strutmasters sells air suspension conversion kits, it is not as simple as replacing the shock absorbers, the air springs will be replaced with metal coil springs.

The price is reasonable, I can’t say if the ride quality will be reduced much. On some cars replacing all four air spring/shock assemblies is close to $10,000, if it were my car I would install the conversion kit.