Transfer rear shocks to different car

Ok Hello. My question can you use rear shocks on a different car? I bought rear shocks for a 2000 volvo s40 but its not running. Now i have a 2002 bmw 325i wonder if i can used the volvo rear shocks on the beemer?

Go to RockAuto, look up the part numbers for the rear shocks for both vehicles, and if the part numbers aren’t the same, then the answer is no.



Tester beat me to it!
That being said, I tend to doubt if the OP will find that they are interchangeable from make to make. Many years ago, a local parts store was going out of business–with huge price cuts on their inventory–and somebody whom I knew decided to buy rear shocks for his old Pontiac. They didn’t have shocks for his Pontiac (possibly a '52?), but they did have shocks for (I think) a '54 Pontiac, so he bought them.

Yes, those shocks did… fit… but the rear end of his car wound-up sitting several inches higher than it should have. So, even with the same make of vehicle, it is not necessarily possible to substitute parts from a different model year. And, from one make to another? Not likely at all.

Call the place you bought the shocks from . If they are still in the box just pay a restocking fee and get the right ones.

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Parts stores don’t take used parts in return for new parts.


I’d put the odds at 100:1 or worse that they’d fit.

Mr. Tester , I wrote ( if they are still in the box ) . Yes, I know they will not take back used parts.

Looked on RockAuto, NO they will not fit.

Thanks guys will do.