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Air shocks

Is it possible to replace air shocks with regular shocks,if the air shocks stop working?

What kind of vehicle is this? I need detail about what you mean by “air shocks”.

1997 ford expidition eddie bauer

If the shocks are aftermarket add-ons, sure, standard shocks will be fine.

The air shocks are factory,so can I still exchange them for standard shocks?

Probably…Check to be sure the mounting points are the same. I assume yours no longer hold air pressure, so this is not a question of supporting the car, right?

Some Fords used air SPRINGS, a completely different animal than air SHOCKS…

Why don’t you like gas shocks? I looked on line and one car parts store sells only gas shocks for all 1997 Ford Explorers. If you mean oil filled instead of gas filled, they don’t damp as well when they heat up. Gas shocks don’t have this problem.