99 grand marquis

I want to convert air bag system to air shocks . Can this be done?

Yes. Do a web search for

convert air bags to air shocks marquis

There are a ton of hits.

Check American Air Suspension. I have no vested interest in mentioning them but know they’re not only reputable but the guy who runs it is a Ford mechanic, knows air suspension and replacement systems inside and out, and offers tech support along with diagnostic info on his site.

There’s another company I’ve used and I hate to bash a company publicly but their service has left me cold to put it politely. Their name starts with A followed by 5 more letters. Too bad I didn’t know about American Air Suspension first…

It can also be converted to SPRINGS with standard shocks. There are kits all over ebay to do just that.

Or it can be fixed. Sometimes it’s the bags that go bad, sometimes it’s the pump, sometimes it’s the plumbing supplying air to the bags, or it could be a wiring or “computer” issue.

There used to be a local guy who “fixed” leaky bags with Slime®. It seemed to work for a while. He died before he had too many comebacks.

Yes. Quite easily. There are many companies that make conversion kits. I’d be surprised if your local auto parts store can’t have one the same day or the next day for you.

Hands on, the most difficult part will probably be the upper shock mounts if you replace the shocks.

Or, it may be pretty easy and cheap to fix whatever is wrong and preserve that nice smooth air suspension ride.

I replaced old shocks with air shocks. I put 60 psi in but it not raising car. Air bags are still connected too.

Air shocks won’t hold the car up. You need to either diagnose and repair the air suspension system or replace the air bags with springs.

Yes, the rear air-springs can be removed and the standard steel coil springs slipped into place. You can then add air shocks if you wish…It’s a fairly easy job. If you are really trying to save money, go to a salvage yard and pull the rear springs out of a cop-car or taxi (Crown Vic, same car) and they will work fine…A simple coil-spring compressor makes the job easier still…Lots more info at Crownvicnet.net

Can this be done at 9:42 A.M.
Done deal by 3:23 P.M.
You work fast on a Sunday…

There’s too much missing info to be able to tell you what’s going on. Front or rear replaced? Both? Replaced with what?

It would have been rear only, front has a conventional setup. Sounds to me like he replaced the rear shocks in a misguided attempt to repair an air suspension problem.