2006 Altima 4-cyl Cabin Filter?

I can’t find it. Does this car have one?

I don’t think so.

My '02 Altima has one. It is behind the glove box. No tools needed to take out the glove box or the filter.

That’s the first place I looked. I didn’t find any. My 2005 Camry has one behind the glove box. Could it be in the engine compartment? My 2007 Versa has the filter there, near the brake master.

Cabin air filters are becoming more common, but are still optional on some vehicles. There may be a place for one, but none there. My 2006 Grand Caravan has a service interval and instructions in the owner’s manual for replacing the cabin air filter, but there is no access door because it doesn’t have one. Some of the late '90s and early '00s midsize and full size GM’s had an access door in the cowl, but no filter bracket or filter.