2005 Malibu Cabin Filter?

Does anyone know for sure if this car is supposed to have a cabin air filter? I read at various places that it doesn’t have one, but others say you can use a Cobalt filter in it. I dropped the glove box & just like I read, there is a door where a filter could go, but nothings in it. I was changing the cabin filters on a few cars and my wife’s car kinda puzzled me. The auto parts store said they don’t list one for that year. Kinda wondering why & if it should have one.

TonyMan, Have You Consulted The Owner’s Manual ?

The GM manual could indicate that the filter option is “as equipped” on some cars of that model.

Sometimes this feature varies from basic level cars to premium level cars, even within the same car model and frequently you’ll see a spot for a filter, but none there (Also, other parts that would actually hold the filter in place could be missing).

If it looks like a filter could go in there and be held in position, then you can give it a try. Hang onto the receipt in case it won’t work.


I agree with @commonsenseanswer 100%.

It is behind the glove box if you have one.

I had a similar thing happen to me, went to put one in, none there. Either got left out, was removed and not replaced, or was ‘optional’. I’d put in the Cobalt one, if it fits you’re done.

If you don’t put a filter in there, just leave it the way it is, it won’t cause any problem I expect. Unless you have evidence you car is supposed to have that filter installed, that’s what I’d do. Nothing. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

If you do put a filter in, good idea to monitor the temp of the blower motor for a while, as the filter will reduce the airflow and may cause the motor to overheat. The cars designed for cabin filters may have a heavier duty blower motor installed.