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2005 Toyota Tundra - A/C Condenser Cost to Replace

I own an '05 toyota tundra 4.7 liter V8. What is a reasonable amount to pay to have the AC condenser replaced and the system purged and refilled?

If you have read threads here before you should know that prices vary by location and the shop that does the work . So any amount that is posted might be close or so far off to be useless.
Just start calling shops and you might find that they will only give a price after doing their own diagnostic work.

Appears from what I’m seeing the replacement part is around $400, and 1 1/2 hours labors. There will be another fee to get it all recharged with fresh stuff & working again, and a fee for safely disposing of the old refrigerant. It’s also possible the condenser isn’t the only problem.

Different car, just did this 2 weeks ago. Shop under new owners said first quote $400 for a condenser, guy says that sounds high, parts gu says what do you care, the customer pays for it. Guy found the same part number, charged me $128, 88 or so on rock auto, but there is another discussion going on that. He told me that story, and I said thank you, I am sure you like repeat customers. $400 or so out the door. Had ac filled and dye added in spring, $110, leak was determined in august to be the condenser.

Thank you for your prompt response. I was really just looking for a range, not a specific price. Your answer was amazingly obvious and unhelpful at the same time. I would not expect to pay the same price to have this done in the bayou country of Louisiana as say Las Vegas. Giving a low high range, or saying something like “you can expect to pay at least several hundred dollars” would have been somewhat more informative, but I’m really not sure why you even bothered to reply if what you sent was all you had.

Thank you for getting back to me about this. the prices I got were all between 6&7 hundred. Condenser, filter, purge and refill.

And yet your post read like this…

No mention of “range”…

I would have answered similarly but included as a source for this information.

Thank you for getting back to me. I live in Florida. My cost is going to be about $700. I looked into doing it DIY and it really looked like by the time I bought the part, tools, and then did the work, I really wasn’t going to save very much, so I just decided to bite the bullet.

Getting it done as we speak. Thanks!

Kind of thought “reasonable amount” implied range, but I guess not.