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Lexus RX 330 A/C Condenser

I have a 2004 lexus RX 330. Runs great but I noticed the A/C is not cooling as well as it is supposed to. I took the vehicle to the dealership for a recall and upon inspection, I was told the A/C condenser is leaking. They said the parts cost $236.00 and total cost of replacement is $1411.00. Is this an accurate quote as I don’t understand how labor to remove and install a new condenser would cost more than $1000.00

Get a 2nd estimate at an AC versed independent shop.

You should ask the dealer to explain thier charges, somebody is mixed up.
An O.E. condenser is $840, the labor is 2.1 hours plus evacuate and recharge (1.4 hours).
An aftermarket A/C condenser should be less than half the price of a factory part.