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2001 Hyundai Santa Fe AC Condenser

Just got a quote from a mechanic for $600 to replace the condenser in our 01 Santa Fe. He said where it had supposedly been in a collision, the radiator (and a few other parts) were pushed up against the condenser which gradually rubbed a hole in it. He said to replace one and the work it would take to remove the radiator/other blocking parts and put them back in, it would take about 3 hours work. I looked online, and a condenser is running anywhere from $79 to about $120, so that means roughly $500 for three hours work!!?!?! Does that sound a little steep? (especially taking in the fact that he charged me $300 bucks last month to replace a hose that he said was the problem). I’m going to get another opinion, but should I expect better estimates?

Your doing all you can by getting another quote. It always looks bad when you price the part from a discounter (the price difference I mean).

Your car needs its drier/reciver or accumulator replaced (what ever system it uses) because the system has been open. Your mechanic probably won’t mention this because it sends the bill into the stratosphere but it is a technical requirement.

In addition to the mechanical work to replace the condensor he must perform a operation to recharge the system,this equipment cots money and then you have the refridgerant (and the markup on everything).

If this job included a compressor the bill could easily be double. It costs a lot to have that cold air blowing on you,and people will pay.