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Cost to replace my condenser

My 2007 Legacy has broken AC. They say it’s the Condenser and will cost ~$550 to get replaced. I imagine I’m paying a bit extra because I’m at the dealership, but this that a reasonable price?

the only way I can imagine that a condenser will fail is if it has a leak. It is aluminum but, look on line for non-heliarc aluminum welding rod. It can be used with a propane torch, so is not actually welding rod, but brazing rod, and it is expensive, but 550 bucks. If you can find the leak, you can fix it for around 100 bucks. so can they, plus labor, and down time while waiting for the shipment of the rod.

I recently had an AC condenser and dryer replaced on my Legacy Station Wagon. The work was done at an independent garage. The condenser itself was roughly $170, but with labor and AC service the total bill was close to $600.

If the price you were quoted is complete, I’d say it’s in the ballpark.

If the price is for the part alone, take the car elsewhere.

It was complete…so that sounds good. Thanks!