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2004 F350 Master switch on the driver's side door panel

Had to replace the drivers side door after a oak tree got in the way. I bought a door shell and hinges and the guys replaced the door and all the panel. When I got in it I noticed the electrical switches were not working ie.door locks, power windows and power mirror. The guys said they snapped another one in place of mine and everything worked… Now I do know a couple of things: 1. The window switch would not roll down the passenger side but would roll it up2. I have pulled off all the electrical boxes and got out my test light and I am getting power to all the boxes… Why will they not work when I put them all in?? Does the master switch for the power windows serve as a jump to the power windows and power mirrors?? Thanks for helping.

Electric window switches can get very tricky. They are sometimes wired in parallel, series or series parallel. If a switch only works up or down it could be a faulty or another switch could be faulty. The master switch could be bad as well. Was the door hit near the hinges where the wiring is located? I have searched for electric window, lock or mirror problems only to find out that the wiring was bad/intermittent. They would work with the door open but not closed and vice versa. A wiring schematic is nice but experience with these problems is better. A good, independent mechanic may be needed to get things sorted out. Good luck.

Thanks for the comments. The guys told me that the wires may have became pinched when the door was bent forward. What puzzles me is that I am still getting juice to the male parts of the switches. I think I will try to go back out there and ask them to plug in another assembly to see if theirs works.