2005 Pacifica time delay or automatic headlights



I recently purchased a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica Touring model was was pretty loaded but I am unable to determine if it has automatic or time delay headlights. The owners manual isn’t very clear on the subject? It does not say “IF Equipped” when I look it up in the “Features of your vehicle” section. Thank you for your help. Fred


Any dealer can check by the VIN number.


There is a very easy way to tell if you have “time-delay” headlights. The next time that you park the car, turn the headlights on prior to shutting off the ignition. Then, shut off the ignition, stand outside the car, and observe the headlights. If they don’t turn themselves off after about a minute or two, then you don’t have headlights that automatically shut themselves off.

There–now wasn’t that easy?