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Low beam headlights aren't working

My 2005 POS i mean Pacifica lower beam headlights are not working all of a sudden. What could have caused this issue to suddenly happen? Back in July I replaced the main power control modular computer.

Someone had a similar post recently, I doubt both went out at the same time. You probably had one low beam out and did not notice it. Then the second went out and you did notice it. Head on over to your local McParts store or Xmart and buy two low beam bulbs and replace them. I will make a gentleman’s bet that you will be back in business.


Sometimes when either the high or low beams stop functioning, it can be caused by a faulty multi-function switch.


Both headlights were working before the went out. That I know. Thanks for your comment.

But everything else works on the multi function switch. Could just 1 portion of it be bad?


I’ve seen it many times.


Yes it could. But why not try new bulbs first. You were probably close to needing them anyway. Just put one new in and if it lights fine, if not at least you know to look elsewhere.

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Just replaced one at the beginning of December. I’ve replaced more headlight bulbs in this car then any other previous car I have owned. Only had it for 3 years.

You don’t handle the new bulbs with your bare fingers when installing them, do you?


No I do not! It’s a known issue with Pacific’s

Weird but replaced both low beam bulbs and they are working. Wonder what the underlying problem is to cause them both to blow at the same time though.

Trying to save up some money to junk this damn POS!! Can’t believe Chrysler actually put the Pacifica name back on another vehicle!

This is a very, very, very common cause of headlights suddenly stopping working. And, since headlight manufacturing processes are extremely consistent their operating lives are very close to one another. I’ve actually spent many hours in a consulting capacity going over the processes and manufacturing in great detail with Sylvania engineers in Hillsboro, NH, where Sylvania makes theirs. This consistency in operating life means the timeframe of operating on only one light can be very short, making noticing it less probable.

Try changing the bulbs. Post the results. We do care.


Replaced both bulbs…working now!

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Sincere thanks for taking the time to let us know of your success. It’s always a pleasure to read of a successful result.

Happy motoring. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Isn’t it amazing how the process of eliminating fairly obvious probabilities almost always trumps the assumption of other scenarios? :confused:

No, I am not claiming that Chrysler’s vehicles are of high quality, but in this case–like in so many others–it clearly turns out that the OP was driving around with only one headlight for an extended period of time, and when the second headlight finally ceased functioning, he/she automatically assumed that it was a manufacturer-related failure, rather than realizing that his/her headlight bulbs had simply reached the end of their normal design life.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I get out of my vehicle in order to do a visual inspection of ALL of my running lights on a regular basis. Or, I could simply sit in the driver’s seat, and automatically assume that any bulb failure was the fault of the vehicle manufacturer.

Whatever happened to the concept of personal responsibility?

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if you just replaced a headlight in december and its out already you still have a problem if you dont find the cause you will be replacing the headlights again in february.

Thanks for your input; however, I do inspect my lights on a regular basis considering that I have gotten pulled over for headlights being out in the last couple of years! I did drive 3 hours in the dark the night before WITH BOTH headlights functioning properly!!!

You may want to buy a voltage checker that you can plug into the cigarette lighter. I caught the alternator in my wife’s Celica spiking the voltage up to 15.8V a couple of times. It was a reman with a warranty, so I got a replacement and the problem was fixed. Overvoltage can cause all kinds of electrical havoc, and just burning out light bulbs is getting off easy.


There is a problem with the headlight grounds in these vehicles. There are two separate grounds for each light assembly, so don’t be confused by the fact that the other lights (parking, turn signal) work properly.

The next time your headlights fail take a close look at the bulb connectors, the terminals are probably loose/burned. There is a recall for the headlight harnesses on the 2005 Pacifica for this reason.

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