2005 Nissan Pathfinder - Help with fuse

the car don’t show engine service soon when i on the ignation before starting and have check the fuse round the fuse is well okay

Huh ! I have no idea what you are trying to ask .

Can you connet me to rewire that work on nissan pathfinder 2005

Pls help me to work on that :pray:

I think that English is not your primary language so until you can find someone to make your problem clear there is not much anyone can do. This Forum is basically a US based site with very few from other countries.

Please i have a problem with my car nissan pathfinder 2005 so what i mean is that can you connet me with a rewire to tell me what wroung with the car i need an engineer to fix the car for me

You will need to remove and inspect the instrument cluster to check the condition of the bulb. How long have you owned this vehicle? The previous owner may have cut the wire to the warning light or removed/damaged the bulb.

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