2005 Mercury Grand Marquis - It dies

I went to start my car at lunch and it completely died. I had a guy boost me off and the car ran fine. I left it on while i was at my home for lunch. I drove the car back to work. about a 20-mile round trip. I turned off the car and tried to start it again. it was completely dead again. No sounds, no lights struggling, no nothing. Can anyone help me here? oh and the battery isn’t even a year old.

Any CEL or other warning lights?

New batteries can fail. Head on over to an auto parts store (Advance, auto zone etc) They will frequently check the battery/alternator for free.

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yep , and be sure to recheck those battery connections. a loose battery cable connection can cause these kinds of issues.


Check those battery terminals and cables as mentioned. While it is seldom considered a regular maintenance item, I clean the terminals on my cars about every other year just to avoid problems.

And a year old battery means nothing. I put a new battery (120 bucks/3 year) in my Lincoln in January of 2019. In February of 2020 that battery died and died badly. After 13 months I figured no big deal but it turned out to be one.

WM gave me another battery under warranty but they say the replacement for that 3 year battery carries no warranty at all. So today in December of 2020, a mere 10 months later, the battery they gave me last February has also decided to go to heaven. There’s no ambiguity or doubt about it. All night on the charger/maintainer and a measly 7 volts is the best it can do.
I’ve used WM batteries for several decades with no issues but this deal has kind of soured me a lot on them.

The worst example was a Die Hard that went totally south the day after I bought it.

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I figured it out. Was a bad cable. I was freaking out because I had to be in two different places the next day. Appreciate your input. Stay safe.

Andrew W.


Where can you buy a Die Hard…I had to go to Advanced Auto. A platinum series or something to get something close for my ol’ Crown Vic. The original Die Hard went over 16 years with way over 200,000 miles on it!

Advance Auto may be the only place- I’ve seen some commercials advertising that the DieHard brand is now at Advance (commercials starring Bruce Willis reprising his “John McClain” character form the Die Hard movies!)

But… know that the DieHard battery name was sold off as part of the liquidation of Sears. The manufacturer is most undoubtedly not the same as it was in your old DieHard battery- and even if it was, 16 years is an unheard of amount of time for a battery to last. You got a great one with that one!