2005 Mercury Grand marquis battery

My battery want stay charged up. I jump it off and ride for about a hour without turning off. When I turn off 5 mins later I try to start it again and it will not start. I have to jump it again. What do you think causing this problem? I think its my light control module

How old is the battery?

It have been in the car since I purchased it in 2012

I would bet that it is either the battery is old or the connections on top of the battery need cleaning. The battery can be load tested at any autoparts store.

I cleaned the connections on top of the battery

Have the battery load tested. It may be a bad cell inside it. Also, the alternator may not be charging it and that can be tested for free too.

You need to start by having the battery tested. If the battery is still the Motorcraft original you needed a new one 3 years ago.

Not only could the battery be bad but the alternator also should be checked out. Have the charging system checked out by a shop. You may need to replace both of them. The testing will tell what the real story is.

“It have been in the car since I purchased it in 2012”

Are you telling us that you installed this battery right after purchasing the car, or are you telling us that it is the same battery that was sitting under the hood when you bought the car, and that it is of unknown vintage?