2005 Land Rover Freelander fix or trade in?

My 2005 Land Rover Freelander has recently begun to be a major problem. In the last 6 months:

my rear drivers side passenger power window has gone out,
the sun roof won’t go down after opening,
the engine has been consuming coolant,
and worst of all the hood cord has broken or stretched to the point that I can’t open it anymore. The dealer (and other auto shops) have informed me that fixing this would take 7 hours of labour and about 900 dollars.

I am beginning the process of looking for a new car and I was wondering if it was worth fixing one or any of these problems before trading the car in. I’ve made some attempts to sell the car privately but there’s not much market for unreliable luxury SUV’s in my area.

I appreciate your help in advance.

The coolant problem is the one to be the most expensive to fix. The other problems are fixable, and while they might be more than you like to pay, they will be much less than buying a new car. I’d focus on the coolant problem one first. If your mechanic determines it to be a major problem, probably selling your car at a discount (maybe to your mechanic or a local teenager who’s interested in a fix-it-upper ) and move on.

stay away from the english fords(freelander)and the swidish fords(volvo)