2002 Landrover Freelander S

I am about to purchase a used 2002 Landrover freelander with 55K miles on it. I took it for a test drive and it went fine. Nice car. The reviews online are pretty terrible though. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this car that might help me out. Thanks!

Land Rovers are nice vehicles, but they’re pretty expensive to own because they are atrociously unreliable and parts and service are pricey. You sort of have to approach it from the standpoint that its a borderline exotic vehicle and these issues are part and parcel of owning it. If it’s reliable and affordable transportation you want look elsewhere.

Run away, run away. You will have a very high chance of very expensive repairs. This is not a great Landrover, anyway. I bet you got a good price offer, that’s because they are not wanted.

No Land Rovers. Do yourself a favor. Rover is right, WOOF!

Well, if you want to buy a vehicle that has the absolute worst, rock-bottom, terrible reliability record of any make sold in the US, then go ahead and buy it. Just don’t say later on that nobody warned you away from that dog.

A neighbor of mine had one for a couple of years and his Rover was at the dealership for repairs several times every month during the time that he owned it. Luckily, he found a sucker who had not done his due diligence regarding Rover’s horrendous record for breakdowns, and that sucker took it off of his hands.

Don’t be a sucker.