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Should i plant flowers in my landrover freelander?

My 2002 Landrover Freelander has almost 55,000 miles on it. I was on my way to Spokane to get it checked out when it seemed to slip out of gear. I had it towed to Spokane, and they say it needs a new transmission for 7100 dollars. My extended warranty co. won’t help with this expense. They want me to have it taken to a transmission shop. I wanted this to be my last car and thought I was buying a good one. It has been serviced regularly and never used as an off road vehicle.

I am on a fixed income and really don’t know what to do. By the way, this isn’t the first time I have had trouble with this car!!! The gas line broke while I was driving down the highway last month. I have replaced brakes and had it fixed twice when the engine light came on. The rear window started sliding down the week after I got it. If I sound like I don’t like my car - this isn’t true. I always wanted a Landrover, they seemed to last forever in the Africa movies.

By the way, my car is almost 200 miles away from where I live in the Tri-cities.

Invoke your extended warranty and take it to a trans shop. Land rovers are not terribly reliable, but you need to give the extended warranty that you paid for a chance to fix the problem.

They seemed to last forever in the movies because the movies are only 2 hours long.