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2005 jetta sabotaged?

The hood latch was busted so once I got it open I had to leave it open. The battery was dead so I charged it and it now has power. I had it running but when I went out today it wouldn’t turn over. I held that someone sabotaged it. Any ideas on what I should be looking for or what to do? Thanks

How old was the dead battery? Did you test it? Perhaps it can no longer hold a charge.
Did you test the charging system? Perhaps that’s why the battery was dead.
How long did you leave it running? Your statement suggest it may have been running overnight.
How much gas did it have in it when you left it running?

You should probably start by having it towed to a shop to get the battery and charging system checked. And be sure you have gas in it.

Post the results.

I assume you meant " I heard someone sabotaged it ". Did they break in by destroying the hood latch ? Just because you charged the battery and it started once does not mean the battery is good. You need to give more information for people to work with.

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It has a half tank and the battery is fully charged.

The fuse box was open but I’m not sure if anything is out of place

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The answers to the questions might help us to help you.
Unless, of course, you actually know that you were sabotaged and who did it and why. In that case, I’d file a report with the police.

From the information that @nathan.berdahl gives it could be many possibilities.
The battery may be old and can no longer hold a charge for long. Charging the battery and then starting the engine and letting it run for only a short time may have drained the battery again if the charging system is not charging.

A dome light may have been left on…discharging the battery the first time and after getting it started and shutting the engine off the dome light was still on and it drained the battery. Also the trunk light or glove box light may not be turning off draining the battery.

I doubt that anyone tampered with the vehicle and that the cover was not secured last time the owner looked into it.


If you think the car was tampered with call the police. I would make a friendly bet that your battery is the original and can no longer hold an adequate charge. Most of the McParts stores (Advance, Autozone etc) will check your charging system for you for free. Give them a call or drop in and have them check it.

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Agree. I’m going to bet that it’s the original battery and that it just can’t hold a charge anymore. It certainly would explain why the OP was able to get the car started once, but not the next day,

I don’t subscribe to the sabotage theory. Odds are the battery is no good or there’s a huge parastic voltage draw.

To answer your question, get the hood latch repaired and the battery recharged. Usually sabotage leaves plenty of evidence, such as shinny metal where tools were used as opposed to rust or normal wear and tear. That should be obvious to the mechanic if there was any.

Someone doesn’t want you to be mobile? Do you know who? Is there a reason why you shouldn’t be mobile?

There are fuses and relays that could be removed to keep you from starting the car.

When I was 17, I didn’t do my chores, and my dad disconnected my coil wire to teach me a lesson. I reconnected it and went to school. He was more proud than upset that I figured out how to get it running again without his help.
But I was still in trouble for not doing my chores, lol

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Have you at least tried to put it on the charger again?
By not turning over, do you mean it groans, or maybe makes a loud clicking sound? Or nothing?

This one gets answered almost daily, but yes, you can have power-dash, dome lights, but it can be borderline power which will not turn the starter, which you almost need a voltmeter to find out.
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