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my jeep liberty 2002 has been sitting for two weeks. noticed rear door latch opening and i unhooked batery i figured batery was dead tried to hook charge to it but it keep discharging kicking off charger.whats going on?tryed jumping but it was still discharging?

I’m having trouble following what happened. Can you re-phrase your question in more complete sentences?

parked my jeep.walked by it,heard the rear door lock opening and closing.unhooked batery.sitting about two weeks.hooked batery up nothing.hooked charger to it,but it was melting hot?so i figured batery was i unhooked batery and tryed jumping it but it was discharging with batery not hooked up so whats going on?

"hooked batery up nothing.
“hooked charger to it,but it was melting hot?”

If the re-hooked-up battery did “nothing”, and then hooking up the charger made something (what??) “melting hot”, then I would guess that you hooked up the charger backwards (but doesn’t it have built-in protection??). If so, the battery is likely shot now; maybe also the charger.

“i unhooked batery and tryed jumping it”

Do you mean you tried to start the engine by using the charger without the battery? Bad move. I think the starter motor won’t work with the rectified AC from the charger (as opposed to the DC you get with the battery acting as a “filter”). And the electronics that control everything would not work with the only the charger. And MAYBE the electronics got damaged.

AND… if you did have the charger hooked up in reverse without the battery, then you have probably killed some of the electronics.

“but it was discharging with batery not hooked up”

What was discharging? The battery? From the scenarios above, it might be discharged because you killed it, if it were not already dead when you started. (I don’t know anything about modern “Body control Module” computers, but I think I recall some discussion here that low battery voltage can cause weird symptoms, like locks operating spontaneously.)

"so whats going on? "

A new battery MIGHT solve your problem. Or you might have learned an expensive lesson about being careful not to misuse the battery charger.

I suggest that you consult a competent professional.

Your battery is shot. Must be shorted out inside to overload the charger. Nothing to do but replace it.

After my first post I realized that, as Bing says, it could be that the battery is shorted internally. So maybe you did not have the charger reversed, and maybe there is a better chance that a new battery will solve your problem.