2005 Honda Accord Sdn - Power steering pump?

Possible necessity to replace power steering pump

Usually, when it’s leaking or broken it’s necessary to replace it.

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My '06 seems to be headed towards a power steering pump too. Is yours loud when you first start the car until it warms up?

`Thamks!! Yes, at first it was loud and mechanic said normal till it warms up. Was true for a while, but then another mchanic said there’s a leak - just fill power steering fluid as needed and said the pump is probably goingi to need replacement. It’s leaking at a faster rate now and the noise is loud all the time this past week. I have to get estimates for repair.

The leak is often not the pump, but a high pressure hose from the pump to the steering rack. Be sure to use only Honda/Acura power steering fluid. Theirs is different from just about everyone else’s.

This may be the solution. It was for my 06 https://www.arcparts.com/wp-content/uploads/images/Technical_Information/Honda_07-086.pdf Nevada_545 suggested this fix and my mechanic just did it successfully.

After you get the problem repaired OP, try to avoid turning the steering wheel so much it goes all the way to the steering stops, and especially don’t firmly hold the steering wheel against the steering stop. That creates an unstoppable force vs immovable object situation and is hard on the power steering pump’s mechanicals.

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It’s possible but not a necessity. But if it needs to be replaced, replace it. With out it steering will become difficult at best. I drove a 1969 Cutlass for about 4 years with a non—functioning power steering pump. Was a little workout every day.