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Loud steering at startup

My family has an '06 Accord V6 EX-L with about 107K miles on it. When my son was home from college I drove it just to see how it was doing and when cold it made a loud growl when I turned the wheel side to side. Sure sounds like the PS pump. It goes away after warm up. The power steering fluid change is way overdue. Might I get lucky and have no more noise after it is changed? Shop scheduled for his next visit home, but I am wondering how fat a stack of Benjamins to prepare. Any help much appreciated. More:

  • Fluid level is at high bar (and black as coal)
  • Wheel turns smoothly no sticking
  • Power never cuts out - consistent and normal.

Change the fluid but only use Honda fluid, not the generic stuff. I have read that Hondas are more sensitive to this than other cars. It might be all you need.

But you might need a pump, too. Fingers crossed that the fluid solves it.


Air is entering the power steering pump through the inlet joint o-ring.

This is the service bulletin to repair that power steering noise;


Nevada_545, this is a tremendous help to me! THANK YOU very much for taking time to send me this bulletin. I will give it to my mechanic and also change the fluid since it is long overdue. This is a great example of how helpful this Community can be!

Here is an account of the repairs. Just $100!

That’s the answer! Happened on my old TL too (same platform). The part was something like 45 cents from Honda, and the repair took all of 5 minutes.