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Power steering

i own a 2003 Honda Accord V6, never had any trouble with it until now. It has 50,000 miles on it i don’t drive a lot.It started making a grinding noise when I started it or twisted the steering wheel. took it to my mechanic said it had a leak in the hose of the power steering system… He ordered the hose from Honda and replaced it for $280.00. Drove the car home sounded good. Next morning same sound, took it back to him left it their for the day. Called him up to see what the problem was, he said the power steeing solution wasn’t filled up enough and their were air pockets in the hose that made that noise. I asked him could it be the power steering pump, he said no,because it would make that noise all the time. Brought it home again sounded good for a couple of days, the noise started again. Now if I drive the care for a short distance the noise is heard.When i turn the motor off for a while and turn it back on the noise is gone, What is going on please help?

You need a new shop. He’s not interested.

Frankly, if it was making the noise either when you started the car OR turned the wheel (if I understand the post correctly) then I’d suspect the power steering pump going out, specifically the front bearing. In both events the PS pump pulley is subjected to a load change, the first from stationary to suddenly being spun and the second when it has to pressurize one side of the rack.

Was it cold when it made the “grinding noise”? If so, just forget about it.

Why do you say that? Because that is when it whines, not when it is warm. thanks

Your car probably has a PS fluid reservoir mounted remotely from the pump. In the reservoir may be a filter screen which gets plugged up with hose particles and starves the pump, drawing air into the system and making a lot of noise. Remove the reservoir and clean it out, or have your mechanic do it.