Power Steering Noise- 2007 Honda Accord

My 2007 Honda Accord has been having a noisy power steering pump for the last 8 months. I would have changed the power steering pump however the noise only occurs in the morning- especially when its cold. I live in Southern California so its really never that cold (mid 40’s). Once I drive the car for a few miles the noise completely goes away (especially after driving high speed). Lately, the pump is making the noise every morning.

Immediately after the noise started I had the power steering fluid flushed and system bleed for air pockets. 2 months ago the dealer changed the return line on the system because of a recall on the power steering system. Still the noise continues! I noticed the power steering fluid looks a little frothy when the car is running. Don’t know if this is normal. Car has about 150k miles.

Can someone please advise me if I should change the power steering pump? Or have the fluid flushed again. Any ideas what might be causing the noise? The last time I flushed the system it only stop the noise for about a month. This is driving me crazy when I leave the house in the morning. Especially in front of the neighbors.

frothy power steering fluid implies the fluid is aerated

I wonder if you still have a leak

Ahhhh…who cares about what the neighbors think. I mean, if you’re leaving really early and making such a racket that you wake everyone that is one thing. But other than that - so what? (You know - just my opinion).

As @db4690 noted, a leak is a possibility, and the aeration would make things noisy. But I’m left to wonder why things would quiet down after a few minutes. Are you having to add any fluid?

Do you have an estimate on a new pump?

Nope. I never needed to add fluid and can’t find any evidence of a leak around the engine compartment.

“Ahhhh…who cares about what the neighbors think”

When I was having trouble with my belt squealing, I had a neighbor a block away who taught at the deaf school. He said he could hear me leave for work every morning. After a while it gets embarrassing. Junked the car not too long after that.

Honda service bulletin 07-086 involves replacing a power steering inlet O-ring that may allow air to enter the pump during cold operation.


Thanks for the info Nevada_545. I replaced the o ring today. I’ll keep you posted if the problem is fixed! I’m sure the neighbor will be happy to hear when the car is fixed.