2006 Ford Freestyle - Transmission slips

Transmission slips when the vehicle is warmed up or it is a hot day.

Automatic transmissions have clutches too. The transmission clutches are probably starting to wear out. About all you can do is make sure transmission fluid level is correct & fluid in good condition. Sometimes simply replacing the transmission fluid with fresh stuff & changing the transmission filter (if applicable for your car) will help a lot with this problem, buy you some time.

Continuous variable transmission (CVT) failure. You have one of the few Freestyles still in use, most have been retired due to transmission failure.


I wonder shat would cause a slipping sensation w/a CVT? The drive belt wears out and starts slipping on the pulleys?

They also came with a 6 speed Mazda transmission (probably less common), I think the CVT was FWD/AWD while the 6 speed auto was only for FWD…
Ford 6 speed auto AWTF81SC(Mazda’s AF21-B)… It had major valve body issues and flaring up (slipping) was one of many, but a lot of times the fluid was still very clean and not burnt and not a lot of damage internally… So builders would replace the worn parts and test drive it only to find out it was doing the same thing as before cause they didn’t take care of the root cause which was a very expensive valve body or properly repair the OE valve body…

So either way they didn’t last a long time…

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