To flush or not to flush transmission


I’ve heard some people say do not flush transmissions. Its a 2001 Dodge Dakota 4x4 has 130,000 miles on it and never had fluid change. It is starting as of yesterday to slip.

I appreciate any insite on this subject.

Thank You


I suggest changing the fluid by draining and refilling, and replacing the filter, but I would not have it flushed, especially at this mileage.

There are all kinds of horror stories about transmissions that fail shortly after being flushed.


[b]Well, if the transmission is starting to slip, it’s too late for a tranny flush. The damage has been done.

This is where these urban legends come from. Someone doesn’t service their tranny for a 100,000 miles. Then when they try to service the fluid and filter with a flush, the tranny takes a dump. And they blame the tranny flush for destroying their tranny.



I vote for dropping the pan, clean and change the filter.

Whatever you do, make absolutely sure that you use chrysler trans fluid. Your owner’s manual will tell you for sure, but it probably needs Chrysler ATF+4. Anything else wil cause it to fail


Many people have found that after flushing (or better dropping the pan and changing the filter and fluid) the transmission fails.

What many don’t realize is that the reason they finally decided to do the work is because the transmission was acting up due to it not being done ealier.

There is a chance it a fluid change may help, but don't blame the fluid change if it fails later.  Next time change the fluid before it starts to have a problem and prevent it.


Save your money… Is the check engine light on?? Slipping damages transmissions quickly. It sounds as though its rebuild time. I would still scan it to see if there are any transmission codes stored.