2005 Ford Five Hundred Engine Stopped Running While Driving. HELP!

I was driving to work this morning. It was very cold and snowy out. I was not driving fast < 30 MPH. All of a sudden my car stopped running while in gear. Engine light, oil light and something else came on. I have half my oil life left. I had no breaks or steering anything. I was able to get stopped, put car in park to prevent rolling backwards, turned the car off and restarted. No lights came on and was able to drive. I was going to have the car towed, but I was told by a mechanic that he cannot diagnose the problem unless the warning lights ie…engine are on. I am worried that my car will give out again like this resulting in an accident. The mechanic told me this might just be a one time glitch. Anybody have any input???

The problem might be with a defective crankshaft position sensor.


If the computer loses the signal from this sensor, the computer see’s no reason to operate the ignition and fuel systems so the engine shuts off.


Thank you Tester.

Are you positive its not something kinda weird- like a key falling out of just a touch? I had a bad no-start situation because the key was only working when inserted just the right way. You don’t have lots of cute thingies on the keychain do you?


" . . . was told by a mechanic that he cannot diagnose the problem unless . . . "

Has this guy ever hear of stored fault codes?

Just because the check engine light isn’t currently on, does NOT automatically mean there are not stored fault codes to retrieve

I can fix the ford 500 at 4 days of replacing parts and research I added throttle body and sensor, gas pedal, map sensor, fuel rail sensor, plugs, intake gasket, egr, removed the entire exhaust system and removed the inside of the converter in front of the muffler and made sure exhaust was totally clear, new fuel filter, new fuel pump. After all of this car still gave check engine and wrench light and car still stalled out and had no power. Here is the fix, ford has to fuel pumps, under the rear seat there two openings, driver side is called a left pump, not available at any parts store, dealer or salvage. When you change the normal fuel pump you have to change the left pump too. If you get one from the salvage get them from the same car. Now the hard part is how they hook in the gas tank, fuel lines connect the together inside the tank and then connect to the evac system under the car on the passenger side. The left fuel pump help maintain the pressure in the tank and the fuel rail which allow the car to run sometime with no problems and then stall with no warning or stumble. This fixed the car and have no issues or lights.



What a bunch of nonsense .


I guess you have to change both pumps so that the left pump will know what the right pump is doing.

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