Cuts off/won't start 2000 Ford F-150

Once I had driven for about 15 minutes and the truck set for about 5 minutes. Then it would not start. Another time, I drove for about 20 minutes and it cut off while driving in a parking lot. I have had 2 different shops take a look at it and they cannot duplicate the problem. They have run a bunch of diagnostics and tried their selves but it always starts for them.

What can I ask them to do? What do you think it might be?

PATS issue maybe? Have you used different keys to try to start it?

The problem might be with the crankshaft position sensor being effected by heat.

If the computer loses the signal from this sensor, the computer thinks the engine is no longer rotating. The computer then see’s no reason to operate the ignition and fuel systems so the engine doesn’t start or shuts down. Then once the sensor cools back down it functions again.

To find out if this is the problem, once the engine cold, the engine is started. And heat gun is pointed at the sensor. If the engine suddenly shuts off it’s the crank sensor causing the problem.