F150 Troubles

2005 Ford F-150 4.2L suddenly gave me troubles yesterday. Happened not while driving but when I tried to start it up, it did start but the engine was shaking and it immediately died. Today it didn’t start and later it did start for a second but again died immediately.

So It does turn over, it’s not the battery or the starter. It seems to be either a fuel system issue or a timing issue. I plugged in a diagnostic tool and it gave me no codes.

I tried replacing the fuel filter which didn’t solve the problem. I’m thinking it’s probably the timing chain but if anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate the help.

you need to see if you are getting fuel and spark. do you here the fuel pump turn on?
are you getting spark to the plugs>

The crankshaft position sensor may have failed.



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The fuel pump failed. Pound on the bottom of the fuel tank with a mallet while someone cranks the engine.

My vote is for the fuel pump. At 16 years of age it’s had a good life unless it was replaced already.