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2001 Ford Ranger - Won't re-start

Ray, Please help. I have a 2001 Ford Ranger Edge with the 4.0 engine 4WD. It has 115,000 miles on it I have owned it trouble free since 2003. My problem, after you drive the truck for an hour or so and turn it off and return a few minutes later it won’t start. It spins over fine but just won’t fire. If you return about 15 minutes later it starts and runs fine. When this occurs I have been told it does not code. Before the no start the truck ran fine. This has been going on about a year but does not do this during cold weather. In the last 10,000 miles it has had a full tuneup as well as a new fuel pump relay. Please don’t say junk it as it looks and runs great other than this one problem. Thank You, Ken

We see people post this exact problem from all types of cars over and over again.

The standard answer (standard because it works!) is the crankshaft position sensor is failing. When they get hot, they die. When they cool down, they start working again. They are cheap.

The same can be said of the fuel pump. Carry a rubber mallet with you. When it won’t start, give the gas tank a mild whack. If the truck starts, change the fuel pump. It is IN the tank - that’s why you whack the tank.

This certainly sounds like a fuel problem

@Mustangman gave good advice

In addition, look at the fuel pump inertia switch, which is located in the right front kickpanel area. Actually, I believe it’s bolted directly to the firewall.

It’s obviously not tripped, if you’re able to start it. However, the wiring and the switch itself might be damaged. I advise you to carefully look at it, move it, twist it, etc. If the wiring and/or the switch is crispy, you’ll need an update kit from Ford, which consists of a switch, wiring, and a relocation bracket.

Carefully try to unplug the connector. If you can’t, it’s almost certainly because the switch and wiring are damaged

But if that checks out, then just replace the crankshaft position sensor. It’s a cheap and easy first step

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