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2019 Ford F-150 trim paint wears off too easily

Anyone notice the driver side door trim paint on the inside wears out and scratches too easy? The silver paint on the door handle

That doesn’t seem right.
What type material is the “trim paint” coating? Is it aluminum, plastic, steel, chromed steel, etcetera? Can you tell?

Possibly, if this is a wide spread issue and the manufacturer gets enough complaints they’ll come up with a solution. It could/should be covered by warranty, warranty extension, or customer goodwill (not a “recall” as it is not a safety issue) and I’d certainly voice my displeasure and get that in writing (on a dealer Repair Order would work), but you might have to wait a bit for a remedy.

Sometimes on issues like this, the manufacturer has to learn of a problem and then they have to scramble to come up with an equitable solution.
Go see what the dealer has to say about it (in writing for your records). Please let us know!
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