Transmission slips in D but not in 1or 2

I have a 2002 Ford Escape 4x4Automatic with 97K on it. It has just started slipping in Drive. It will go in reverse just fine. If i put it into 2 or 1 it will take right off then I can move it into D but only with the OD off. If it is on the engine revs and you don’t go anywhere. I have no lights flashing or bells going off. The fluid is clean and doesn’t smell burned. Is my transmission toast? Is there a chance I can have it fixed cheaply or even do it myself?

Here are the symptoms once again
Moves in Reverse.
Revs in D with OD on or off
Moves in 1 or 2 with OD on or off
When you get it moving you can put it into D with OD off and get 3rd gear. If OD is on It just revs.
When you come to a stop in D with the OD off and try to take off again it just revs. You have to use 1 or 2 to get moving again.

Will the car make it 300miles home so i can have it looked at?

Thanks for all your help

Greg in Michigan

It sounds like tranny time to me…But wait until Transman posts before you make the appointment at the transmission shop…

As long as you can get it to hook up in third gear, you should be able to make it home at reduced speed…Every mile closer to home you get will reduce the tow bill…

It appears after a little research that Escapes had more than average transmission issues. The transmission control module or any of the sensors going into it, could be a less expensive starting place and one item that was a frequent culprit in them.

Sounds like a sprag (one-way) clutch might have flipped its doggs…bad news for you. Was the car towed with the engine off for any significant distance? This is the likely symptom of the resulti g damage to the reverse overrunning clutch. The O/D overrunning clutch will exhibit the same if inoperative. O/D Off or manual 2 or 1 clamps the coast clutch around the one-way…but, it is really there for engine braking and not strong enough for powering the rest of the geartrain so count on more trouble soon. Easy to fix though if you do that kind of thing.

I was wondering about the maintenance life of this transmission. Has it had regular filters/fluid exchanges? It should have had 3 fluid exchanges and at least 1 filter so far. Or if not an exchange, at least a drain and fill.

That’s a sprag that’s spun out. You could probably make it the 300 miles if it’s mostly highway miles. I personally wouldn’t chance it.