2005 Ford Escape - Starter issue

2nd starter dragging heavily can’t find short

Sorry for your trouble… can’t really help if you can’t explain any better than this

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if you would like us to offer input/advice, we are going to need a lot more info than what you have offered.

What year Ford Escape? How many miles? you say 2nd starter, what does that mean? Second starter today? Second starter in the 17 years this vehicle has been on the road? What makes you think it has a short? Why did you replace the starter? What are the symptoms? What’s it doing?

When a starter motor fails to crank the engine robustly, the problem is seldom a short circuit. If you are using aftermarket starter motors, the second one may be faulty. I’ve been given faulty aftermarket starter motors on two separate occasions. Suggest to avoid no-name aftermarket starter motors. Either buy an oem replacement part at a Ford dealership, or if from a parts store one branded as “Ford oem” or “Motorcraft”, or whoever makes the Ford oem version. If you still have the original part that came w/the car new, another method is to take it to a local auto-electric shop and have them rebuild it.

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