2002 Ford Excursion - Starting issues



Engine won’t turn over after shut off for just a few minutes, but starts right up if it sits overnight or for a few hours


If it doesn’t turn over (i. e. starter motor does not run) the most common reason is the copper contacts in the starter solenoid are burnt. It’s a simple repair to replace them and clean up the innards…

Do Fords still have the solenoid separate from the starter motor itself? Seems to me they used to. That would be easier to access.


Thanks! Mechanic says he wants to replace the whole starter. Is it possible to replace only the solenoid on a 2002 excursion?



You have a 16 year old vehicle and this may be the original starter. The mechanic wants to fix your problem and not have you come back a month later because the starter failed. I sounds like he is doing the right thing.